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Featured housemate - Christie (Australia)

Christie Mills from Big Brother AustraliaSexy blonde Christie Mills was a contestant in the 2005 series in Australia.

She combined her bubbly personality with a very relaxed attitude to nudity, often wandering about the house nude and making a big impression on the watching males. After her eviction she said nudity simply didn't bother her.

You can watch vids of her naked in the shower and bedroom here.

Welcome to my Big Brother site.

I've finally decided to share my stash of over 1,000 nude clips collected from BB shows around the world over the last few years. It's so big I have split it up into six categories and add new clips almost every day, so be sure to come back often. There are more naked pics and clips here.

Sexual Acts (176 clips)

This category comprises clips of houseguests doing anything sexual, from kissing to full sex, and includes blowjobs, handjobs, nude massages, fondling, xxx sex tapes and of course fucking.

Gina and Norman, BB6 (Germany)

In Big Brother Germany 6, housemates Gina and Norman fucked in the outdoor tub after dark. For 5 minutes beneath the hot bubbling water they went at it in a variety of positions and the German cameras lapped it up, filming them from all sorts of angles.


Szilvi and Frenki, BB3 (Hungary)

This astonishingly brazen clip is from the Hungarian version of Big Brother known as Valo Vilag.

It's a hardcore vid and features horny Frenki licking away at Szilvi's pussy back in 2004 while she moans in delight and grabs her tit. They may have been boyfriend and girlfriend before they went into the house, but still, this is proper porn - and to think their mother's may have been watching!


Shower / Bath (228 clips)

These movies show hot girls taking a shower or relaxing in the bath.

Various, BB5 (Australia)

This is a compilation clip of showering scenes from a very relaxed Australian house where the girls and boys showered nude in one big unisex wet room. Originally aired down under as part of their late night 'Uncut' show (later renamed 'Adults Only') it was allowed to show nudity so there are plenty of dicks and pussies on display.


Natalie, BB5 (Germany)

Busty blonde Natalie used to wear tight clothes to show off her amazing ass, curvy figure and big natural breasts.

This sexy clip shows her showering with a less attractive female friend, rubbing her soapy boobs and getting her pal to clean her back for her.



Oops / Accidental Slips (174 clips)

These vids show wardrobe malfunctions, nipple slips, downblouses, upskirts and all other nudity that wasn't intended. Most of the girls were trying desperately hard not to reveal themselves, but with dozens of cameras trained on you every second of the day, that's always going to be an uphill struggle...

Anna, BB6 (Australia)

This is an oft-attempted manouevre on Big Brother by shy girls who don't want to show any skin. Here Anna attempts to change her top and has successfully removed her bra without showing anything. But as she takes off her mike, the cord dislodges her shirt strap and her nipple slips into view.

What's priceless is her reaction, saying "No!" and looking straight at the camera to see if it was watching - Big Brother's always watching Anna! That's a bona fide ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) for you!


Allison, BB9 (USA)

Back in 2008, slim brunette Allison tried to put on her bikini bottoms after showering, thinking that her towel would cover her modesty.

But she lifted the towel too far as she pulled on her bottoms and the viewing public were treated to a brief erotic pussy slip.



Changing Clothes (194 clips)

This collection comprises women getting changed into and out of their clothes and underwear, which obviously allows for much nakedness for us to gawp at.

Krystal, BB6 (Australia)

Krystal Forscutt is probably the hottest Big Brother girl ever. In this long clip she undresses, puts on a bikini and then proceeds to shave her bikini line in the shower.

All of this is intercut with other naked girls as they bathe and dress one morning.


Carolina, BB4 (Sweden)

Poor Carolina. She tries really hard not to show her fake titties by crouching down by her bed as she puts on her bra, but they are so huge it's impossible to miss them!



Flashing / Exhibitionism (141 clips)

This section shows the more exhibitionist girls, the ones who are very happy to be filmed naked, flaunting their (mostly beautiful) bodies about the house. Presumably in the hope of landing some lucrative sexy photoshoots when they leave the house - which most did of course, signing up to FHM and Playboy among others.

Michelle, BB5 (UK)

Michelle Bass got very drunk, stripped nude and ran around the garden in this scene, although she seemed to regret her decision halfway round when she realised just how exposed she was.

It worked though - upon leaving the show she got a boob job and did lots of topless magazine spreads.


Kornelia, BB2 (Hungary)

Some females spend their whole time covering up, showering in their bikinis and changing under the covers. While others like Kornelia are happy for the whole world to see their bits.

Here Kornelia is applying lotion to her legs after a bath. As she raises her legs her towel falls away and she knowingly exposes her pussy for the cameraman, who does the decent thing and zooms in for a proper look.



Bikini / Non-nude (102 clips)

There are some clips which are incredibly sexy despite there being no nudity. Images of hot babes wandering around in bikinis or thongs, showing some nipple pokies or a lovely ass in a G-string for example.

Various, BB1 (Brazil)

Big Brother in Brazil has great weather all the time, so the lovely leggy ladies frequently walk around in their bikinis showing off their amazing tanned bodies. Check out this compilation of just that...


Gianna and Christie , BB5 (Australia)

Petite minx Giana is dressing up in a sexy nurse's uniform in this clip while her cute blonde pal Christie - wearing only her underwear - helps her out. They play up a little to the cameras as Christie spanks Gianna and rubs oil on her butt, which is quite titillating.